“Dressing every occasion”

At CIRCE The Label we create ranges of female suits based on each woman’s needs and desires. When designing the garments THE WOMAN is the central focus of the process. Like women, CIRCE The Label is a multi-tasking oriented creation, dressing every occasion women are encountered with in the modern society.

The suit, traditionally a male oriented garment, is translated to communicate a symbol of power with a fashionable, feminine twist to it. Here we bend the rule between formal and casual wear. All ages kept in mind. At CIRCE The Label we wish to provide every single woman high quality attire with an affordable price.

Dress the suit up or down, however you would like to. There are no rules. Wear CIRCE The Label to work, to after-work gatherings, or just when feeling like making a statement during the day. Let the suit guide you to acknowledge your inner power.

To strong women 

May we know them

May we be them

May we raise them